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SIERRA LEONE / Sept12, 2017

With a recent history of both challenges and major economic expansion, Sierra Leone works to build state policies at home and [...]


JAPAN / Jul 31, 2017

Thanks to a strong showing from exporters, Japan has racked up five quarters of uninterrupted economic expansion; its best run since 2006. [...]


JAPAN / Apr 20, 2017

With a 30% share of FDI in the world's third largest economy, the U.S. stands for Japan's top investor. After months of [...]


:: Clients

United World has worked with business and regional leaders across the globe to provide economic reports that assess investment opportunities for publication in the USA TODAY. You can read their feedback below.

Doña Silvia:

Encontré altamente atractivo el suplemento, gracias a las fotos, y en particular a la de la primera plana. También me pareció instructivo gracias a la calidad de los artí­culos y la cantidad de información que cada uno contiene. Me impresionó la diversidad de los temas escogidos para ilustrar un paí­s diversificado en sus actividades económicas y sociales, con vocación fuerte por crear una civilización especial y admirable por sus valores.

Quisiera hacerle una crí­tica útil pero no encuentro que falte nada esencial. La felicito como costarricense y como embajadora por este enorme esfuerzo.

Cordiales saludos,
Muni Figueres


The report was extremely comprehensive and highlighted Dubai's position as a business hub for the region. am sure that USA Today's readers will gain a positive insight on the United Arab Emirates.

Chief Executive Officer, National Bank of Dubai


"It's a section, an entire section all about Saudi Arabia [...]. It's stunning"

Squawk Box, CNBC. March 29,2006


I would like to thank you for the copies of the United World special on Angola. The journal was very informative and it is a great way to get people to hear about Angola, other than through war images. My colleagues and I enjoyed the copies and greatly appreciate the efforts made in presenting the opportunities that Angola has to offer to the world.

Angolan Embassy, Washington, D.C.


When I read your articles I was impressed by the profound knowledge your collaborators acquired before they started their interviews with the Austrian politicians. I would also like to stress how much we appreciated your own efforts in preparing all necessary steps to achieve such wonderful coverage of our country.

Director of the Austrian Press and Information Services


We thank you for the in-depth coverage of important issues and stories in the supplement and hope that readers will enjoy reading the columns.

The Ambassador, Embassy of Tanzania, Brussels


I ave received a number of calls from readers of your eminent newspaper who have expressed their interest in this special supplement. I have found this report to be quite helpful in promoting the United Arab Emirates in the United States. Thank you for your efforts.

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Washington, D.C.


In terms of both text information and layout, your special report was indeed superior to other special supplements of its kind.

Press Counselor, Embassy of Greece, Washington, D.C.


Congratulations on a job well done with your USA Today, Our World insert on Angola. The piece was comprehensive and to the point as it put the spotlight on many different aspects of the business environment in Angola. It also reflected thoroughness and professionalism on the part of your staff. My assessment is that "Angola – Birth of a New Era" hit the mark and was something that Angolans, the business community and government were proud of.

General Manager, Chevron Texaco, Angola


In a news cycle dominated my the U.S. ports security story, an insert in yesterday's USA Today featured positive political and economic stories about the United Arab Emirates, a country very much in the news.

Baltimore Sun, February 24, 2006


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